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Fire Chief

The Richmond Fire Department has a long and proud history with providing quality service to the citizens of this community. Since the fire department's inception in January 1817, our department has built a reputation for innovation and progressive leadership in the fire service, a reputation that which continues to be demonstrated by local and state recognition.

As we turn the corner on the 21st century, we will continue to mold and shape our services to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. We will continue to seek more effective and efficient means of delivering our services.

The successful launch of this website is just one example of the many things that this organization has accomplished as we continue to strive for excellence. I would like to say well done to all the personnel who have worked so diligently to make this community a safer place to visit and live.
Please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.

Fire Chief,
Wayne S. Long
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Assistant Fire Chief

The Assistant Chief of operations is responsible for all equipment, apparatus, supplies, building maintenance, and day to day operations of the fire department. Richmond firefighters respond to over 1800 incidents each year. While many of those incidents are faulty alarms, false alarms or smoke scares, Richmond firefighters routinely respond to and extinguish volatile structural fires every day.

Fighting structural fires is a complicated and dangerous endeavor that requires rigid team discipline and a high level of coordination among firefighting crews.

At fire scenes, firefighters encounter multiple hazards like downed power lines, potential structural collapse, toxic atmosphere conditions like carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide, as well as the obvious dangers from fire and thick toxic smoke. Coordinating the activities of 20 aggressive firefighters in chaotic conditions is an almost inconceivable challenge that the officers and chiefs of the Richmond Fire Department face every day.

Assistant Chief,
Kevin Cole
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