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Training Division

Training Officer Captain Daniel Clark
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Almost every year Richmond Fire Department accepts applications for new firefighter positions and hires new recruits. The Richmond Fire Department Training Division is responsible for overseeing the training of the new recruits. This 12-week comprehensive training curriculum converts inexperienced new recruits into fully qualified, professional firefighters. The recruit school curriculum includes not only emergency medical response and fire fighting tactics and strategies, but also such diverse subject matter as cultural diversity, chemistry, fire department history, hazardous materials, hydraulics, and computers.

The Training Division is responsible for the ongoing fire suppression training of Richmond Fire Departments more than 70 incumbent firefighters. All of the emergency responders in Richmond Fire Department must be certified at the career level dictated by the Kentucky State Fire Commission. These certifications ensure that all Richmond Fire Department firefighters are sufficiently trained in fire tactics and strategies, incident command and fire scene safety. In total, the Richmond Fire Departments incumbent Training Section conducts more than 16,000 contact training hours per year.


Fire Investigation Division

The primary purpose of the Fire Investigation Division is to determine fire origin and cause, whether accidental or incendiary, in order to lessen injuries and death to civilians and firefighters and to reduce property loss.

The Fire Investigation Division responsibilities include the fire scene investigation and follow up procedures to determine the nature of the incident. If the incident is determined to be arson, the divisions goal is to arrest, prosecute, and convict the involved parties. The investigator will work with firefighter personnel, Richmond Police Department, Kentucky State Police, State Fire Marshals office, or other state or local agencies to complete a thorough investigation.


Public Information and Education Division

FF/EMT Public Information Officer Corey Lewis
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The Richmond Fire Department’s Public Information and Education Division reaches out to the community in various forums to educate the public with regard to fire safety and other safety issues. Presentations are made throughout the community on a variety of safety issues including: home and workplace fire safety, disaster preparedness, and proper use of fire extinguishers. Learn more about our programs

  • Station Tour
    Station tours are available Monday thru Friday by appointment. Tours are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. Contact Charlotte DeBord at 859.623.1164
  • Public Safety Topics
    Find information regarding smoke alarms, carbon monoxide, fire safety for the home and other safety information
  • Events
    Learn about upcoming events that provide fire safety, disaster preparedness, and other information
  • Safety Presentation Requests
    The Richmond Fire Department offers a variety of safety presentations to the community at no cost. To inquire about a program contact Charlotte DeBord at 859.623.1164
  • School Visits
    Learn how school visits are an excellent way to teach students about fire safety education.