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City Manager

Jimmy Howard - City Manager

Welcome to the City of Richmond's web site. Richmond is a growing, vibrant city centrally located in the heart of Kentucky. Richmond was established in 1798 as the seat of Madison County. Richmond is seeing a period of rapid growth. During the 1990's the population grew at such a rapid rate, Richmond was designated as the fastest growing city in Kentucky.

Richmond has many strengths that allow for the rapid growth. The recreation facilities of Richmond are excellent. The City has Lake Reba Recreation Complex with fishing, soccer, baseball, softball, walking trails, picnic areas, horseshoes, and other recreational outlets. It is also home to the beautiful Gibson Bay Golf Course.

The City is home to many industries that are in the forefront of today's economy. These industries strengthen the economy of the city and provide diversification.

The City has many dedicated and hard working employees that provide the highest level of service to the residents of Richmond. Whether it is keeping the streets clear of ice and snow in winter, providing recreational facilities, providing police and fire protection, golf opportunities, planned developed growth, tourism activities, building inspection, trash collection, or recycling, the city offers many services to make life better for the residents.

We hope you enjoy our web page and come and visit Richmond, relocate to the city or decide to start a business or industry in this great and growing city.