For Residents

Mayor Jim Barnes

Mayor Jim BarnesGreetings, from the Great City of Richmond, KY. On behalf of the commission, allow me to extend to you the city's warmest greetings. We know that you will find in Richmond, a city that strives to be the best that it can be. Richmond is an economically robust community that has many opportunities for the citizens. Richmond has an outstanding educational system, vibrant retail, excellent recreational outlets, fantastic art experiences, and strong industries. All of these "jewels" make Richmond a most promising place to be.

Friendly people and smiling faces are a hallmark of our city. Richmond is fortunate to have many residents who volunteer to make Richmond a better place and to enhance the Richmond experience.  Richmond is "The City that Works". It works for all residents and it works because the citizens care.

Our City, our community, is much more than nice streets, new buildings, comfortable homes, or parks and recreational venues. It is most about the people who live in their homes, work in the buildings, the people who play in the parks and enjoy all of the activities our city has to offer.

Our City is, and should be, about opportunity. Opportunity for all. The years ahead will be years of exciting promise. We will continue to build upon the success of the city. May Richmond's spirit of making good things happen continue in the future.

Together, Let's go forward and invest in the future, a future of hope and promise for Richmond. The Best is yet to come!

Jim Barnes

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