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City Clerk

Lisa Cassity - City Clerk

The term "clerk" descends from the early middle ages when church predominated over state and generally only clergymen were literate. The term "clerk" evolved into a role as writer, record keeper and local official. The "parish" or "town clerk" existed in early American history. Today, every city in the United States, regardless of size or government form, has a clerk's position or its equivalent.

Pursuant to KRS 83A.085 every city in Kentucky except first-class cities, must establish the office of City Clerk by ordinance. City Clerks are appointed city officials.

The duties of Richmond's City Clerk are established by ordinance pursuant to KRS 83A.085. The Clerk is in charge of maintenance and safekeeping of permanent city records. As "official custodian" or "custodian" pursuant to KRS 61.879-61.884 (Open Records Act) the Clerk is responsible for accepting Open Records Requests and providing requested information as permitted by law. The City Clerk has possession of the seal of the city and attests the Mayor's signature. Richmond's City Clerk attends the City Commission meetings and records the minutes. The Clerk is also responsible for the City complying with legal advertising and notification requirements per KRS Chapter 424. And the City Clerk is responsible for the codification of City ordinances.

Other duties of Richmond's City Clerk include assisting the Mayor with appointments, telephone calls and clerical work as needed. Also the City Clerk is the bridge between executive and legislative, between both of these and component government units, and between all of these and the public they are pledged to serve.