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CLASS TITLE:  Firefighter I


CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CLASS:  Under direct supervision of shift officers, performs firefighting, fire prevention and operating duties; and does related work as required.


  1. Responds to fire alarms, in full firefighting gear.
  2. Lays out and connects hoses.
  3. Holds nozzles and directs water streams.
  4. Raises and climbs ladders, uses chemical extinguishers, bars, hooks, lines and other equipment.
  5. Removes persons from danger.
  6. Performs salvage operations such as throwing salvage covers, sweeping water and cleaning up debris.
  7. Participates in fire drills and attends classes in firefighting, first aid, and related subjects.
  8. May assist in keeping records and filling out reports.
  9. Performs general maintenance work in the upkeep of fire department property; cleans and washes walls, windows and floors.
  10. Makes minor repairs, washes, hangs and dries hose.
  11. Checks, washes, cleans and polishes apparatus and related equipment.
  12. On assignment, may participate in one of several trades in maintaining, remodeling, constructing, altering or repairing buildings, grounds, facilities and equipment.
  13. Checks fire hydrants on seasonal basis.
  14. Performs public relations functions for schools and other civic groups.

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE:  Graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent (GED).  Completion of 400 hours of State required training within 10 weeks of date of hire.  (This training is conducted in  house by staff personnel, at the City’s Fire Training Center.)  Under extenuating circumstances a two week extension may be granted by the Fire Chief upon recommendation of the Training Officer and approval by the City Commission.  A copy of the National Firefighter Professional Qualifications for Firefighter I are attached.

SPECIAL NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS:  Possession of or ability to obtain a valid operator license issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Ability to meet departmental requirements. 

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Some knowledge of the street system and physical layout of the city.  Ability to learn a variety of firefighting duties and methods, including the operation of firefighting apparatus within a reasonable working test period.  Physical strength and agility and freedom from serious physical defects as indicated by a physical examination and the ability to perform arduous tasks under adverse conditions.  Ability to perform the mechanical work involved in operating and maintaining firefighting apparatus equipment and tools.  Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.


  1. Mobility in the operations of motor vehicles in driving a department vehicle on emergency runs.  Mobility to operate vehicle during adverse conditions while maintaining radio contact with dispatcher or other units.
  2. Mobility in upper and lower body necessary in working an active fire scene. Involves quick response in gathering equipment, pulling hoses, making connection to hydrants, gaining entry to structure, and climbing ladders.  Requires walking, running, climbing, bending, stretching, carrying and stooping (Over 25 lbs.)
  3. Physical stamina in enduring long periods of time exposed to adverse weather conditions, including the fire scene itself.
  4. Mobility to secure and investigate a fire scene.  Gathering evidence from fire scene could involve climbing, stooping, stretching and walking.
  5. Mobility and physical strength in assisting medical personnel in emergency situations.



Applications can be downloaded here.
Submit applications to Human Resources at 239 W. Main Street,
Richmond, KY 40475

Application Deadline: March 7, 2018

The City of Richmond is an Equal Opportunity Employer