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Illicit discharge can be defined as direct or indirect non-storm water substance, pollutant, or hazardous material disposed, deposited, spilled, poured, injected, seeped, dumped, leaked, or placed by any means, intentionally or unintentionally, into storm sewers, culverts, drainage ditches, swales, creeks, rivers, or any other storm water conveyance system.


Examples of Illicit Discharge:

  • Dumping anything except rainwater into a drain.
  • Outdoor washing activities that create flow to a storm drain (e.g., car washing)
  • Non-target irrigation from landscaping or lawns that reaches the storm drain system
  • Spills that enter the storm drain system
  • Industrial and commercial connections to the storm drain system.
  • See more examples at http://transportation.ky.gov/stormwater/Pages/default.aspx

Contact information to report illicit discharge:

Emergency Management Agency: 560 Keeneland Drive Richmond Ky. Michael Bryant. Phone: 859-624-4787 Fax: 859-626-9084

City of Richmond Fire Department 200 North Madison Ave. Richmond Ky. Phone: 859-623-1164

Richmond Planning and Zoning Stormwater Enforcement Officer Dave Mauck: 859-623-1000 Ext. 3211