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Course Description

The Citizens Police Academy is an eleven-week (that includes graduation) program designed to give the public a working knowledge of the Richmond Police Department. Each session consists of eleven consecutive Monday night classes conducted at various police facilities in the county depending on the type of training being conducted. The instruction is comprehensive and each week separate areas of law enforcement are covered. Each class usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. Certified police officers, supervisors, and civilian instructors with particular expertise will conduct each topic. Attendees are encouraged to participate in a ride along program.


By allowing citizens a firsthand look at what rules, regulations and policies the police follow, some of the misunderstandings associated with police work may be alleviated.

The objective of the Citizens Police Academy is not to train an individual to be a police officer, but to produce informed citizens. The Citizens and Police Officers meet each other face to face in a neutral, friendly setting and each becomes a person to the other. In the past, citizens have simply seen a uniform, now they have an understanding about the person behind the badge and the procedures that they must follow.

All classes are free!! Although there is no cost to the participant, participants are asked to attend all sessions.

Who may attend the Academy?

  • Citizens 18 years of age or older.
  • Citizens with no felony or misdemeanor convictions.
  • Citizens must complete a criminal background check prior to the class.


To Enroll in the Academy download the application online or pick up the application at the Police Department.

*We are accepting applications for future classes. Date TBD.

Download Application Here

Return all applications to:
Sgt. Josh Hale
Richmond Police Department
1721 Lexington Rd.
Richmond, KY 40475

For More Information Contact:
Sgt. Josh Hale
Richmond Police Department
(859) 623-1162
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