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Grant Notice to Governing Body

on 26 May, 2016

Public Announcement

Review Narrative:   2016  Justice Assistance Grants

The Richmond Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office in an effort to enhance our equipment, training and support to provide better service to our community are applying for Federal funds by way of the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant.  Funds requested through this grant will greatly enhance our goal of providing the best professional service to our citizens by acquiring much needed equipment and high level training in the following areas:  The Madison County Sheriff will be applying for funds to assist in the purchase of a police vehicle to increase crime prevention and law enforcement patrol efforts.  The Richmond Police Department will use their funds to purchase MDT's and accessories (keyboard, vehicle mount, bracket, and warranty) to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement patrol efforts as well as increasing data and communication capabilities.

This equipment is an investment in the infrastructure of The Richmond Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.  They will provide long-term benefits and assist in stabilizing local budgets and possibly avoid in reduction of essential services.
Any public comments are welcome concerning our request for federal funds.  The guidelines for spending these federal funds must address crime through provision of services, helping to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Law Enforcement Agencies in Madison County.
This announcement will serve as 30 day public notice to all governing officials as required by the grant application. Any comments, please contact Major Rodney Richardson, Richmond Police Department, 859-623-1162, Tommy Reynolds, Madison County Sheriff’s Office, 859-623-1511 or Shirl Cross, Grant Coordinator, 1-859-358-9227.

This announcement was presented to the public, the Madison County Fiscal Court and the Richmond City Commission on May 26, 2016.