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Guidelines for Large Item Trash Removal

All contractors are to remove their own trash.

Please have all trash pickup out the night before your scheduled day.

We cannot pickup the following items: tires, batteries, chemicals or paint.

Paint cans may be dried with the following if there is paint in them, then leave lids off cans:

  • Oil Base Paint - use paint crystals
  • Water Base Paint - use cat litter

Brush or Limbs - lay as straight as possible, put cut ends next to the street.

All leaves, grass clippings, twigs must be in a can or bag.

Appliances - take doors off refrigerators or freezers for safety reasons.

Large furniture items - Heavy or soft items that have been contaminated will be picked up by equipment and may not be picked up at the same time as some of the other things.

If you have any questions please call 859.625.6435