Patrol Operations

  1. Bicycle Patrol Unit
  2. Canine Unit
  3. Motorcycle Unit
  4. Patrol Division

The Richmond Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit is a specialized unit within the Patrol Division. This unit has many different functions andBicycle Patrol Unit focuses its attention on problem areas within the city. The officers in the unit have a very high level of interaction with the general public and focus much of their energy on community relations.

The Bicycle Patrol Unit focuses on being a visible deterrent to crime and approachable to the public as a source of information and assistance. The officers patrol in all areas of the city and concentrate their efforts in areas that generate a high volume of calls for police service. The bikes are lightweight, agile, stealthy, and can be mobile in many places and terrains where a patrol car cannot. The Bike Patrol officers work varying hours and work closely with all other divisions of the police department in an effort to bring the department closer to the public.