Robert R. Blythe

Robert R. BlytheRobert R. Blythe, Mayor

City Hall Office: 859-623-1000
Phone 859-661-0289
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The powers and duties of the Mayor. The mayor is a full-functioning member of the legislative body with only the following limited responsibilities and authorities as mayor:

  • Preside at meetings of the legislative body. KRS 83A. 150(3)
  • Call special meetings of the legislative body. KRS 83A. 150(4)
  • Sign all bonds, notes, contracts, and written obligations of the city. KRS 83A. 150(9)
  • Many state statutes assign the mayor, in all types of government, the authority, and responsibility to appoint individuals to a number of boards and commissions. Each board or commission has different appointment requirements. Specific statutes applying to each board or commission should be consulted to determine the appropriate procedure.
  • The mayor also acts as the ceremonial head of the city government and is recognized as the head of the city government by the Governor for purposes of military law. KRS 83A. 150(3)