Architectural Review Board

Mission Statement

The purpose of this board is to protect, perpetuate, and encourage the non-destructive use of structures and districts designated as having substantial historical, cultural, or architectural importance within the city; to increase community pride and to enhance the identity of the city by protecting the city’s heritage and prohibiting the avoidable destruction or defacement of its cultural assets; to strengthen the city’s economic base by encouraging the preservation of its viable and distinctive neighborhoods; to prevent the creation of environmental influences adverse to such purposes, and to assure that new structures and uses within historic districts will be in keeping with the character to be preserved and enhanced.


The Board of Architectural Review holds regular monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 3:30 pm in the First Floor Conference Room of City Hall.

Board of Architectural Review Members

Brandon C. Powell: Architect,Chair                       Expires 5/1/2024  Order 21-64

Colleen Spencer: Vice Chairman                           Expires 5/1/2024  Order 21-64

Cameron Abney:  Downtown Bank                        Expires  2/22/2023  Order 20-51 

Ronald Gosses                                                            Expires 6/14/2025   Order 22-58

1 Vacant Seats

  •  Philip Williams: Planning, Zoning, Safety & Risk Management Director  - 859-623-1000 ext 1800
  • Tyler Stone: Clerk – 859-623-1000 ext 1305
  • John McIntosh: CPSRM Representative – 859-623-1000 ext 1306

Board of Architectural Review Documents and Forms